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"Daniel the Hurricane Skeptic" meme

Hope everyone is OK after the horrible storm.

OK, you may have heard of Daniel, the guy who doesn't believe there was a hurricane. 


I'm starting my own personal meme about this:  Daniel Isn't Convinced.



My Dream for PoTC 5

My fantasy plot for Pirates 5, if it happens, is for it to open with Jack as governor of the Bahamas...since a pirate really did became governor of the Bahamas. 

It would be completely different...it would give Jack a chance to operate in a totally different environment and expand his character, give him a chance to age a little.  (I don't want to see an over-50 Johnny Depp ironing his face to look 30 forever.  He doesn't have to look 50 but letting himself look 40 would be nice.) 

Of course, he'd end up on the high seas during the movie, but to start out as governor...irresistible.

I'd also love for Keira Knightley to come back.  Perhaps she'd have a favor to ask of the Governor on behalf of her son, or some such thing.  Or better yet....Pirate Keira is arrested and brought to justice by the Governor's men.  She's be Governor Jack's prisoner... too fun!

What an amazing role reversal that would be.  Jack's gone all civilized, Elizabeth is more of an outlaw than ever, and then she ends up dragging him back into the pirate life....

Really they need to hire me!

Go Burn!

I was excited to see Burn Gorman in two films in two weeks, Red Lights and Dark Knight Rises!  For a TV star from England who doesn't have movie star looks, that's pretty darned good, and I hope there are many more big film roles for him in the future!

Mentioning Dark Knight Rises I feel compelled to say something about the horror on Friday night.  I visited Aurora in 1981 and it was a lovely, quiet, middle-American suburb, the last place you could picture a massacre happening.  It proves no one is absolutely safe anywhere and we must all cherish each day.  God bless the victims and their families.

Anyone see Red Lights (The Movie)?

Has anyone out there seen Red Lights yet?  If so, and you know who Burn Gorman is, does he have any kind of substantial role in the movie or do you miss him if you sneeze at the wrong time?   I've heard bad things about the movie so if he's not in it much I'll wait til it comes to netflix.

Writer's Block: What’s in a Name?

What name do you wish you had?
I wish my name were Siobhan (pronounced chiv-ON), the Irish language version of Jane, feminine for John.  I think it's the most beautiful and interesting woman's name I've ever heard.

The Rum Diary and "killing movies"

Johnny Depp said of the movie "The Libertine," that someone at the studio that put out The Libertine, whoever poobah is ultimately responsible for deciding which films to back strongly, admitted that he "killed" the Libertine by declining to actively promote the film.

I wonder if the same thing happened with "The Rum Diary."  I don't know about other countries, but in the USA, it was promoted by a poster at bus stops, showing a back view of Johnny Depp looking out a window.  If I had not already known that Johnny Depp was starring in The Rum Diary, I would never have guessed that was him.  It looked like an ad for a tiny indie film with no stars.  Plus I saw few, if any, TV commercials.

If you have one of the biggest stars in the world in your movie, why on earth would you fail to advertise it that way unless you want the movie to sputter at the box office.  And why would you want the movie to fail?

Hi all

If any of my LJ friends are still around, hi all!   I've been crazy busy at work and not posting as much.  Hope you all are doing well.  I'm gonna go catch up on your postings!


Asperger's question

Does anyone on my list have Asperger's  (and is willing to talk about it) or know someone with Asperger's or a similar syndrome?

If so, could you please give me some advice as to the best way to respond to an adult with an Asperger's-like syndrome when he asks a rude question or says something unkind?  Such as "How hard is it to get it right?" or "you're being stupid" or yelling at you for making a mistake or doing something too slowly.

My tendency is to become defensive as I don't have the thickest skin but I understand that many people with these syndromes usually don't mean to be rude or hurtful. 
This vid has clips from PoTC 2, 3 and 4 (this being me, it's mostly 2).  It's shipper-neutral and features pirates lip synching to a fantastic rendition of Drunken Sailor by Pete Seeger which I purchased and downloaded.  I didn't "pirate" it. Haha.

This is me goofy on The Hour and indulging in a little boy on boy fantasy.  Cuz Burn Gorman, yum, even now that he's older.

I have already gotten two thumbs down for this puppy...in which I envision Owen and Tosh as Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. This could only come from my brain. They broke the mold when they made me. What is the link between Torchwood and the Tudors?  The actress who played Owen's doomed fiancee on Torchwood also played King Henry's first mistress during his marriage to Anne Boleyn on The Tudors.  This vid includes a brief clip of her from The Tudors.

Pretty sexy video, so young kiddies keep away!