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Tiamary's Musings

Where I Do My Fangirling for POTC, Torchwood and Whatever Grabs Me

19 February
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My name is Mary. I go by Tiamary because I'm a fan of the PoTC-DMC version of Tia Dalma, and in particular I love her dress in that movie. Fun fact: Did you know that if you sound out PoTC it becomes the word "Potsy"? It's true!

This journal exists mainly for my Pirates of the Caribbean and Torchwood commentary and fanfiction. Another fun fact. I'm just six months younger than Johnny Depp. Yet there is a huge difference between us in that he owns an island in the Bahamas whilst I live in a modest apartment and drive a 9 year old Camry. >:)

I'm a paralegal and a comedienne. I also write and sing. One day, I will make loads of money and buy my own island somewhere.

Happy reading!